Regal Coinage Limited was first established in 2020 and founded by Lee Connor. We are a successful, UK family run, mail order, telephone and online business based in Essex. Lee has a long working history in numismatics and have applied that experience and enthusiasm to create ‘Regal Coinage’, a specialised purveyor and seller of valuable antique and historical coins including hammered coins, bullion, guinea, sovereign and more.

The history the UK has behind it is so rich and plentiful, and through the many wars and obstacles there was always coinage. Our coin legacy covers periods from Anglo-Saxon to Viking, Celtic to Roman, right through to Hammered coins, Early Milled and modern-day coins. These antique and historical coins, for sale online, have witnessed some of the most gruelling eras, and somehow, some issues manage to come through unscathed. Who knows whose pockets these antique coins have jangled in? There is no wonder why such a large percentage of numismatics enthusiasts have such a passion for British and UK coinage.

you are seeking, our UK based team intends to provide and sell quality antique, historical, hammered coins, collectables and works of art. Our evaluations accurately reflect current Whatever patterns within this dynamic field. We pride ourselves on customer gratification, and we assure every coin for sale whether it is modern, antique, hammered, or historical to be both accurate and authentic. We encourage you to look at our devotion to customer satisfaction by perusing our client testimonials.

There is no question that European currency has had some of the strongest heritage in history and incredibly wonderful demonstrations of craftsmanship within their designs. Ever since access of Europe became a great deal easier forty years ago, a vast amount of historical, hammered, and antique coinage has come into our possessions and at more competitive costs more so now than ever! We remain to source a vast selection of these magnificent coins, which is brilliant for us historical coin enthusiasts.

Our main aim is to sincerely grade each antique coin that comes to us and then place a reasonable price on that coin based on its history and value. Our reputation precedes ourselves as delivering a friendly and trustworthy service, and have many clients based in the UK, Europe, US, Australia, and many other countries.

For the last 18 years we have worked hard to build an excellent reputation with the public and a respectable name within the industry and continue to do so with our committed and friendly approach to our professional affairs. With such a wide and assorted range of collectable antique coins for sale, we are the ideal destination for numismatics devotees.